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Ripetide Reflections

Why keep it all to myself?

Irv Thomas
14 April
I quit the wage-earning world many years ago, to become a truly free individual -- a great rarity in this country. By so doing, I learned much about reality that is never seen or fully grasped by those working to a clock and a goal. In the process, too, I learned how to live on very little . . . a talent and outlook which has served me well, over the years.

The world, I have found, is what one makes of it: we have the choice of what to let in, and what to keep out . . . out of our heads, that is, which is the 'container' for the world we know. There are practical limits, to be sure, of what we can keep out, but they need not be as confining as is commonly supposed. What has virtually no constraint is our freedom of belief. When this wide belief horizon is filtered through a willingness to trust one's experience, and experience in turn becomes the primary guidance for what one might believe, THEN . . . we enter a truly magical territory, where reality does not necessarily conform to what it's commonly thought to be.

Deep stuff, I know. But very vital stuff to finding one's own remarkable and very personal path in this often bogged-down world. I expect to be providing more clarification on all of this, in the course of my Live Journal writings.